What is the State Performance Plan (SPP)
The reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), signed on December 3, 2004, required that, not later than one year after the date of enactment of the reauthorized IDEA, each state is required to have in place a performance plan evaluating the state's implementation of Part B and describing how the state will improve such implementation. This plan is called the Part B and has 20 indicators. The State Performance Plan (SPP is required to be posted on the states website.

What is the Annual Performance Report (APR)
In addition, each state reports annually to the public on the performance of each of its local educational agencies according to the targets in its SPP. The state also reports annually to the Secretary on its performance in meeting its SPP targets. This report is called the Part B Annual Performance Report (APR), this report must also be posted on the state's website.

The State must report annually to the public and OSEP on the State’s performance on each target for all 20 of the indicators in the SPP. APRs are due to OSEP by February 1 of each year. Furthermore the State must also report annually to the public on each local educational agency’s (LEA) performance on the targets for the first 14 indicators. LEA public reports must be posted within 90 days of the date the State submits its APR to OSEP and can be found at

Part C New York State information can be found at:

As of June 2010, New York State received a letter of determination from OSEP designating New York State as, needing assistance for Part B, school age, and P C, infants and toddlers, of IDEA. The following is a chart of the 20 Part B indicators and 14 Part C indicators. Those indicators (highlighted in yellow) OSEP found New York State not meeting for their 2008/2009 reporting. New York State received technical assistance from OSEP.

To view the chart: