Family Care

Family Care is a program in which individuals, including children with developmental disabilities are placed with families in homes in the community. Heads of households are recruited, trained and certified by the office of the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to provide housing and care for individuals with disabilities. The Family Care Program also provides these individuals with on going service coordination and ensures that the homes meet all New York State safety and regulatory mandates.

Family Care consumers are served by a team which is composed of a Family Care coordinator, Family Care Provider(s), Medicaid Service Coordinators and a nursing team which provides medical care and intervention to consumers in our Family Care program. The five medical team members (One RN-BSN, two RNs and two Health Service Managers) act as the liaison between the consumers and their various medical providers to ensure that the consumers are receiving proper medical care and follow-up. In addition to communicating with medical providers, the team members also coordinate appointments, follow up on prescription orders and disseminate and coordinate relevant medical information to the various service providers.

The Nursing Dept. team members also oversee and monitor the condition and care of consumers who require hospitalizations and attend discharge meetings in order to insure appropriate discharge planning and transitional care. The Nursing Dept. also provides training to staff, consumers and family care providers on signs and symptoms of illnesses, AIDS awareness, safe sex practices, basic first aid and CPR. The Nursing Dept. Coordinator also teaches an extensive and thorough course to staff that certifies them to dispense prescribed medications under the monitoring of the medical team members.The Nursing Dept. maintains a valuable network with our contact pharmacies, medical professionals and representatives and provides medical assistance, information and guidance to Sinergia staff and consumers on a seven day a week, 24 hours a day basis.


Sinergia is seeking families who may be interested in becoming certified Family Care providers. These providers would provide a home for a person with developmental disabilities who would be welcomed as a member of their family. Family Care is the equivalent of foster care for children and adults with developmental disabilities under the regulations of the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities. Families will receive monthly stipends for each individual in the home. For futher information please contact the Family Care Coordinator at 212-643-2840.