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Bullying: How to Identify It and What to Do

Presenter: Ana Espada, Senior Advocate/ PTIC Co-Director, Advocates for Children of New York

Did you know that in 2017, 81% of 433,715 kids in grades 6-12 who responded to the Education Department’s annual NYC School Survey reported that students harass, bully and intimidate their peers?
Bullying among youth is when one or more youths tease, threaten, spread rumors about, hit, shove, or hurt another youth over and over again. (It is not bullying when two youths of about the same strength or power argue or fight or tease each other in a friendly way.)

Guardianship and Planning for the Future of a Child with Special Needs

Presenter: Adrienne Arkontaky, Managing Partner Cuddy Law Firm

When your child reaches his or her 18th birthday, he or she is considered to be capable of making legal, financial and other decisions by New York State. In this FREE workshop, a Guardianship Lawyer will address guardianship and special needs planning issues concerning how to meet the health, legal and financial needs of children with disabilities. 

Questions? Please call Godfrey Rivera at 212 643-2840, ext. 307 or e-mail at

Autism: What Every Parent Should Know

Presenter: Lisa Shulman, M.D. Developmental Pediatrician, CDC’s Act Early Ambassador to New York State     
Director, RELATE Program, Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center at Montefiore Rose F. Kennedy Center
In this presentation Dr. Shulman will explain:
* The current definition of autism: what changed and why?
* The early identification of autism: Why is it important? Learn the Signs. Act Early Campaign
* Causes of Autism
* Medical/Emotional Behavioral comorbidities in Autism
* Evidence based treatments in autism


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